Teacher's Choice Evening Session: Intermediate

$96.00 plus supplies
Genevieve will choose which class to teach based on the experience of those in the class, or try out new classes and variations on other classes.

The classes will be usually a couple bead weaving classes, a couple wire-working classes and then a few surprises. There's something for everyone!
Instructor: Genevieve Martineau

Class Gallery

Beaded Beads on Rope by Jessica

Copper & Baby Blue Band

Red Tennis Bracelet

Square Stitch Class Pieces

Michelle's Earring Extravaganza

Whirlygig Wrap Earrings

The Mad Mad Mad Necklace

Pretty Earrings

Ancient Swirls with Coral Pendant

Copper & Blue Flower Earrings

Square Stitch by Kathy

Eygptian Lapis Set by Inge

by Genevieve

Ancient Swirls Bracelet

Stone Flowers by Inge

Pam's Mad Mad Necklace
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