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Have you ever wanted to photograph your own jewelry for a website, a juried show, or yourself but have struggled with getting the results that you want? Have your colors been off, your pictures been out of focus or your metal been too bright? Have you just wanted to learn how to use your camera to take overall better pictures? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you!

This unique class begins with basic digital photography fundamentals including basic camera function, equipment, and digital photography terms and applications. The second part of the class focuses of studio set-up and lighting. The final part of the class is dedicated to exposure and photographing on challenging backgrounds. Each student will be able to practice newly learned skills in the presence of the instructor and will receive constructive feedback.

This class is taught by professional jewelry photographer, Jessica Healy, who has more that 10 years photography experience including knowledge of various makes/models of cameras and photography instruction. Her work can be found at Healy Photo Studio.
Instructor: Guest Instructor Jessica Healy

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